Over Half Of Americans Don’t Have A Will Or Trust Fund To Their Name Why This Is A Bad Idea

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Do you have a will? If not, it may just be time to reach out to a business attorney and start putting one together. This is a necessary piece of legal information to cushion your family, home and belongings should the worst come to pass. Despite the importance of a will, many Americans find themselves going on without. This is due to many common misconceptions surrounding the structure and creation of a will. Although you should always have a business attorney on your side when crafting your own, the article below will clear up any misinformation.

Let’s start with the most prudent information first. Over half of the American population between the

When is a Special Needs Trust Needed?

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If you have a family member living with a disability, you likely know the struggles they face. It is common that someone would want to leave money to a disabled family member. However, there are certain criteria that you will want to be met when establishing this sort of trust. An attorney can ensure that your disabled family member receives the compensation they need after you are gone. It is recommended that if you are earning six figures or more that you have a trust in combination with a will. Combining a will and trust ensures taxes are minimized. A special needs trust helps to ensure those close to you are protected after you’re gone.

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