Important Things To Consider About Personal Injury Law

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Personal injury law basics
When the day outside is sunny and there is no wind in sight, nobody thinks about the terribly destructive power of a tornado. Likewise, when all is well with your day, it is a very rare thing for you to think about personal injury law. But all around us, every day, someone is injured or badly hurt by the actions or inaction of someone else. In an appalling statistic, someone is injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes. In 2013 alone, 21,132 people were killed when they were involved in a car accident. Over 2.05 million passenger vehicle occupants were injured. Also in 2013, car accidents involving distracted drivers accounted for the deaths of 3,154 people, and 424,000 people were injured. As a result, there were thousands of personal injury claims made. Personal injury law is a branc