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Safe, Happy and Healthy The Right of Every Human Being

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One of our most basic human rights is our right to safety and a sense of security. Protecting our safety allows us to lead our best lives, and to be healthy and vibrant. But unfortunately, there are plenty of risks, dangers and things to potentially cause harm, even along the path of daily life. Sometimes it could be considered a miracle that we are able to avoid serious injury.

Navigating the dangers of everyday life
Many things we learn as common sense from a young age. Don’t run with scissors. Avoid a hot burner. Don’t rock back in a chair that isn’t made to rock. But there are some things that we may not see coming. When you think of doctors and hospitals, you usually think of getting better. Yet the Institute of Medicine reports that medical errors c

Tips for Protecting Your Intellectual Property

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Many businesses in the United States are in danger from intellectual property theft but many lack the resources to prevent it or to pursue the means to rectify and get compensation after they are the victim of such theft. It has been estimated that about 25% of all internet activity is designed to get infringed content. Intellectual property that should be protected by copyright has been said to account for at least help of American exports and drives 40% of all economic growth. Knowing all that you can about copyright and patent laws is a good first step to protect

The Right Legal Expertise Can Help the Care and Custody of the Children After a Divorce

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Divorces can often be protracted and emotionally draining affairs, and often times, some of the worst affected by the entire process are the children. Going through a divorce can take its toll on the happiness and peace of mind of the adults involved, but it is an especially taxing process for the children to absorb and come to terms with. As parents, it is the responsibility of the divorcing parents to ensure that everything be done for the right care and custody of the children. This too can become a contentious issue during a divorce procedure, as in many cases both sides stake their claim over the custody of their children. In matters such as these, it i