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When is a Special Needs Trust Needed?

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If you have a family member living with a disability, you likely know the struggles they face. It is common that someone would want to leave money to a disabled family member. However, there are certain criteria that you will want to be met when establishing this sort of trust. An attorney can ensure that your disabled family member receives the compensation they need after you are gone. It is recommended that if you are earning six figures or more that you have a trust in combination with a will. Combining a will and trust ensures taxes are minimized. A special needs trust helps to ensure those close to you are protected after you’re gone.

In most cases, disabl

Reasons Why All Adults Need to be Prepared to Secure a Lawyer

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Are you one of those people who watches shows about the law but think you will never need your own lawyer? You might want to think again. Even if you have never had to resort to finding a family lawyer, a divorce lawyer, a personal injury lawyer or a criminal lawyer personally, chances are you know someone who has at one point in time needed a lawyer. At the end of 2012, there were roughly 4,781,300 adults on probation. That is nearly five million adults who were in need of a lawyer for one reason or another. They might not have seen it coming, but they ended up needing to find a lawyer to help them sort through their situation. So, it?s important to know how to find the right lawyer

Four Tips for Finding an Accident Attorney

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Are you looking for a truck accident lawyer? If you or someone you love has been impacted by a truck accident, you probably have a lot of logistics to work through. You might have injuries that you’re coping with. You have car repairs or purchasing a new car altogether to deal with. The emotional impact of the truck wreck might be difficult to quantify, but without a doubt profound. You might be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, anger, and frustration.

While much of these issues require time and patients to sort out, there is one thing that can make your life a lot easier: the right truck accident lawyer. If