Divining Legislative Intent Can Be Key to Winning Lawsuit

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United states code legislative history
Legislative intent is loosely defined as what lawmakers meant when they voted in favor of a law. Because some laws were written vaguely and many are 100 or more years old, it sometimes falls to a judge in a lawsuit or criminal case to have to determine “what is legislative intent.” For the parties involved in such cases, they may want to turn to a legislative intent service to have a better chance of winning an argument about legislative intent.
In many cases, the law is clear and unambig

Why Law Research Can Make Or Break a Case

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Legislative research
Keeping abreast of the law is tricky. Law evolves and changes over time and being able to understand how legislation has changed and what that means for potential and current clients is vital to the success of attorneys and court personnel. In such circumstances hiring law research firms can make a huge difference and ensure that you have access to state statutes and recent federal legislation. Such organizations offer services related to legislative history taxes, for example, and can often find obscure legal documentation to help clarify issues.
With over 1.2 million licensed lawyers in America in 2012 and more than 300 bills awaiting Senate action, the demand