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Do You Know the Law?

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Law terms
If you get arrested, you are only going to get one chance to prove your innocence in court. Most people hire a lawyer to aid in their defense, but others spurn legal counsel in lieu of being their own attorney. In any case, having the correct knowledge of legal terms is imperative to providing a solid legal defense. If you walk into the courtroom ignorant on law terminology, not only will your weakness be exploited, your credibility will go right out the window. Have no doubts about it, the prosecution or defense will exploit the fact that you probably do not know most law terms. Some people may not say that is important, and that the important part of a trial is simply providing a competent and reasonable defense. The importance of legal jargon depends on whether you are in civil court or criminal court as well

Crucial Law Terms You Need to Know!

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Law terminology
Since the O.J. Simpson murder trial of 1995, the media began to see the power and money making potential of televising every minute and analyzing ever word of sensational trials. Today, cable television networks routinely latch onto any case that they can blow up and over sensationalize. It seems that at any given moment, the national news media is covering no fewer than three cases, and repeating the details of “breaking stories” ad nauseum. If you are one of the few Americans who is not fascinated by 24 hour coverage of every sordid detail of the latest media court frenzy, you can at least find value in learning some new legal terminology. Let us be honest, regardless of your opinion of televised criminal trials, we have all watched them from time to time. Unless you hold a law degree, there were probably s