An interview with Greg Enos of the Enos Law Firm

As he approaches his 18th year with Enos Law Firm, there is much for Greg Enos to reflect upon. He sat down with us to discuss the process of becoming a divorce lawyer and his plans for the future of the firm.

Mr. Enos, the legal services field is a broad one. What is it that your firm provides specifically?

We provide legal services for various family cases. That entails representing clients in divorces, child custody litigation, and other cases.

I’m sure those services are in very high demand. How did you prepare for a career in divorce law?

I pursued a bachelor’s degree and a law degree. I also passed the state bar exam to practice law in the the state of Texas.

Because family law is a field in such high demand, it must be challenging to market your firm in the midst of all that competition. How do you market your firm?

We advertise online, in the phonebooks, with a Mongoose newsletter, and in legal directories.

The Enos Law Firm is located at 17207 Feather Craft Lane in Webster, TX. For more information about the firm’s services, visit or call (281)333-3030.

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