Are You Innocent of a Sex Crime? Contact an Attorney to Represent You

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If you have been arrested for a crime, particularly one that you did not commit, or one with extenuating circumstances, you want the highest level of legal representation possible. Furthermore, you also want a lawyer that will work hard for you and show compassion for your situation.

On an annual basis, approximately 10,000 people find themselves being wrongfully convicted of a serious crime in the United States. As a result, innocent people have served 3,944 years in prison. Over 300 convictions have been overturned since 1989, however. This has been due to exonerating DNA evidence.

Currently, there are approximately 68 million people in the United States that have a criminal record. The crimes associated with these records vary, and include domestic violence, sex crimes, and homicide.

Domestic violence is prevalent, and over the course of her life, one-in-four women will experience some type of domestic violence. Unfortunately, over three million children witness this type of violence every year. As a result, many of these children may also suffer abuse and neglect.

When a woman is the victim in a homicide, the murder is usually committed by an intimate partner or family member. This has been demonstrated in two-out-of-three female homicide cases.

There are two main categories for first degree murder defenses. With the first category, an attorney will claim that the defendant did not commit the murder. In the second type of defense, an attorney will claim that the defendant did commit the murder although it was not in the first degree.

There are several different types of sex crimes that are committed on an annual basis. These include the following types of crimes:

    Indecent exposure
    Sexual assault
    Statutory rape

If you have been arrested for one of the crimes above, you will want to have a sex crime attorney represent you. When you have been falsely accused or convicted of a sex crime, then having a highly respected lawyer on your side can make a major difference in the outcome.

A sex crime attorney will be able to inform you of your rights and responsibilities. Furthermore, they will be able to examine the evidence, including DNA, to determine how to proceed with your case.

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