Are You Working Hard to Save Your Second Marriage?

You are a firm believer that everything that happens in your life does not belong in the rumor mill, but when you shared with your friends about the last weekend you wanted to your friends to know that you have had a really awful last two days. You needed your friends to know how hard these days have been and if you could you would just hide at home away from everyone else. After the divorce from your first husband, however, you know that you have got to rely on your friends, and your friends cannot help if they do not know what is going on.

So you wanted your friends to know that after these last really tough days you found out that you have some really wonderful people in your life who love on you, send you messages, well wishes, prayers, and helped watch your two boys when you needed it the most. Some of your friends even emailed you gift cards to your favorite coffee shop, and some delivered chocolate covered strawberries and dinner for your family. When you are not your best, you have learned to share that you need help. Your first marriage ended in divorce because you pretended as if you could solve everything yourself. This time, you are doing things differently.

You are thankful for your new husband who has been by your side and has supported your children as if they were his own. He is patient, and willing to stay by your side holding your hand, and loving on you even when you care pretty hard to love. He remembers to get you a box of chocolates from your favorite place, hand picks flavors just for you.
Despite how hard it has been, and how hard it is going to be for the next few weeks you are so blessed and loved and that helps today suck a little less.

Marriage and Life are Not Always Easy

Even though there are many times when marriages end in divorce, it is promising to know that there are other times when couples work through their difficulties and work with their friends to get the help and support that they need. Divorce attorneys can help couples go through all of the necessary processes when a marriage is ending, but there are times when families and friends can help couples before they ever get to that point.

When a marriage does end, however, it is often important to work with a family mediation service to make sure that you are finding the most amicable way to make one of the most difficult transitions in life. The latest statistics indicate that the cost of a divorce in the U.S. varies from $15,000 to nearly $42,500. When you realize that these costs are only the beginning of what you have to face when a marriage ends, it is occasionally motivation to try one more time. Rely on your friends and other family members to see if you can find a way to salvage your current marriage. When people do end up divorcing, however, the statistics show that most people marry again within three years after the divorce. Hopefully, that second marriage is to a spouse who will help make sure that you make it through even your most difficult days.

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