Bad Things Happen to Good People, Thankfully There Is Free Legal Advice

Free legal help for dads

Not everyone can afford to hire a lawyer immediately when something bad happens. Sometimes you need a little legal advice before you can even decide whether or not a lawyer is necessary. If you are thinking about going through a divorce, filing for bankruptcy, or you are wondering how to make a will or start a nonprofit, you can find free legal help online.

Here are three sources for free legal information.

  1. Legal research websites.
  2. There are several research websites that you can access to read articles written by real lawyers, and guides to everything from creating a will, to workers compensation. Before you throw down a lot of money to get the counsel of a lawyer, you can use these websites to help you better understand the situation that you are in, and the potential legal outcomes.

  3. Legal term dictionary.
  4. While using the legal research websites, you may stumble across legal terms that are not entirely clear to you. If a list of legal terms could be of use in your quest for free legal advice, then you can use a legal term dictionary to help. Terms such as “administrator cum testamento annexo,” “advance directive,” or “affidavit,” are explained simply so that you can better understand legal documents and laws.

  5. Legal advice websites.
  6. Legal advice websites are slightly different from legal research websites. Advice websites allow you to ask a question and get answers, sometimes from real lawyers. You can also look up a specific question and see what one or more lawyers have concluded when weighing in.

Even if you do not need free legal information for yourself, you can use these resources to learn more about the legal landscape. People interested in becoming lawyers, or simply wanting to understand the American justice system better, can use these websites to help. If you need to save some money before taking legal action, these online resources are your best bet.

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