Construction Lawyers Offer a Number of Necessary Services to a Variety of Companies

Construction lawyers and their firms are busy year round helping their clients complete jobs on time and make sure that every task is finished successfully. And while you may typically think of nails, hammers, and ladders when it comes to construction, the fact of the matter is there are many legal requirements for nearly every job. From the negotiation of contracts to the need to hire a lawyer when someone has been hurt on a job site, there are many times when a construction lawyer can help its clients navigate challenging legal situations.

Like construction, there are a number of industries that rely not only on skilled workers with the best training, but also litigation attorneys to help when a legal issue arrives. From hospitals to school districts and residential to commercial real estate, attorneys help many groups reach their goals, while also protecting their assets.

Professional Lawyers Play a Role in Nearly Every Industry

Knowing when to hire a litigation attorney can sometimes be a challenge, but a growing number of companies realize that it is in their best interest to make sure that they at least have a legal adviser on retainer for when it is necessary.

Consider some of these instances when it is in a company’s best interest to seek legal counsel:

  • Dones will help engineers and architects tackle various construction tasks more accurately, according to Colin Guinn of 3-D Robotics. As a result, a number of architecture firms are working with lawyers to make sure that they understand the latest laws limiting and guiding drone use.
  • The American Arbitration Association administered 551 construction industry cases with claims of $500,000 or more in the year 2015.
  • The largest mediated construction case by the American Arbitration Association was for $2.6 billion, while the largest arbitration case was $96 million.
  • The value of all claims and counterclaims by the American Arbitration Association in 2015 was $5.5 billion.
  • Plaintiffs win bench trials 68% of the time and 54% of the time in jury trials, according to a 2005 review of civil cases filed in state courts.
  • Although limitations may vary from one state to another, according to Texas law, a breach of contract claim must be filed within four years, unless the contract specifies two years.

Whether you are the owner of a large highway construction firm or you are a partner in a small commercial real estate business, you will likely have the need for legal advice to help navigate a challenging situation.

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