Have You Been Injured at Work?

Work related injuries

The struggle is real.
Every morning you wake up determined to start the day. Even though you rarely get a full night’s rest you are determined every morning to get yourself up and get moving. After a few hours, however, the back pain becomes unbearable and you find yourself moving back to bed to lie flat and get some relieve from the pain.
An accident at work created this problem and you regret the fact that you did not seek out and consult with workers compensation lawyers for advice. Instead, you simply listened to the company’s human relations office and their workers compensation lawyers. And while they may have been giving good advice, you are not certain that they were looking out for your best interest. More than likely, you think that they were looking out for the interests of the company. And although you have made some progress in controlling the pain from the fall that you suffered, many days are still unbearable.
Work Injuries Could Cause You More Than Pain and Suffering
Let’s face it, it can sometimes be embarrassing to fall. Even when you are trying to catch your breath, calm the adrenaline, and check to see that you are hurt, the prevailing thought is about who saw you fall. Was any one watching? Although you should simply be concerned about yourself and potential injuries, you are worried what others might be thinking. Perhaps it is this discomfort that makes people who are injured at work so vulnerable.
“I’m fine,” you say as you attempt to recover from getting smacked in the face with a kickball during recess duty.
“Don’t worry, I’m okay,” you claim as you pick yourself up from the floor where you slipped on a wet spot and fell in the office entry way.
It really does not make a lot of sense, but our first intuition is to act like we are alright. Even if we are not. Our first inclination is to say that we do not need to see the doctor, even if we probably do. And as a result, employees who are injured at work are not often diligent about getting the care that they need. They sign the papers. Talk to the company doctor. Agree the company’s workers compensation lawyers and push the matter aside.
Push it aside until the pain becomes too much. The pain pills do not even begin to help you find comfort.
Filing a workers compensation claim can be time consuming. Something that you will eventually get to. Without the advice of your own workers compensation law firm it is difficult to know what questions to ask and what mental and physical health problems to expect. Making the decision to have your own representation forces you to move from the vulnerable stage to the stage where you are willing to make sure that your needs are met.
Some Careers Cause More Injuries Than Others
You may or may not be surprised to know that nursing assistants and orderlies suffer more injuries on the job than many other careers. In fact, these hospital workers suffer suffer roughly three times the number of back and other musculoskeletal injuries as construction laborers, a career that might by definition seem more dangerous.
In most states, workers’ compensation pays 100% of medical costs for injured workers. Additionally, it pays cash benefits for lost work time after a waiting period of about three to seven days. Many of these claims, however, require a good deal of paper work. By consulting workers compensation lawyers, it is easier to make sure that all of the necessary paperwork is filed properly and on time. On their own, injured workers may miss out on important deadlines that need to be met. These missed deadlines can delay payments or, in some cases, make workers ineligible for some of the benefits.

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