How a Domestic Violence Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

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Domestic violence cases are one of the most common types of legal disputes. Many couples will find themselves struggling with a domestic violence case. The case may be brought on by a harmless argument that resulted in the neighbors calling the police or it may have substantial backing, a spouse who was abused during a domestic argument. Whatever the cause of the case is, a domestic violence attorney is a valuable addition to the case for many reasons.

To fully understand the legal charges
Depending on the exact charges, the consequences and the life outcomes can vary. A person who is not familiar with the legal system may struggle with complete understanding of what their domestic violence case means. The accuser may worry about mutual children?s right or the need for personal protection orders. The accused may worry about how long the charge will stay on their record or what types of jobs and actions it will prevent them from doing in the future.

A large part of any attorney?s role is to educate the client on their charges and what to expect. The legal process is extremely complex and thus, can be very confusing. A domestic violence attorney is important because the accused cannot know how to plead without fully understanding the consequences they are facing. This is especially true if the client is being charged for a crime that they did not commit. Since 1989, there are more than 300 convictions that have been overturned due to DNA evidence.

To find the loopholes
Unfortunately, because of how the system is set up, a person who is innocent can serve time in prison. They can face thousands of dollars in fines and lose custody to their children. Sometimes finding the loopholes is the only way to prove innocence. A domestic violence attorney is so familiar with family law and assault attorney type cases that they are able to find these necessary loopholes. This could be the difference between years served in prison and a few days spent at a county jail.

To protect children
Regardless of which end of the legal case the parent is on, most parents want the best for their children. They want a compassionate lawyer that understands that the children should come first. A person who hires a domestic violence attorney for depending domestic violence charges often has their children in mind, as well. If they are charged for a mistake they made, they may lose full rights to their children.

Domestic violence attorneys are familiar with many areas of family law. They may call in specialists to properly evaluate the child?s dynamics in the family. They may send the child to a psychologist following a domestic violence case. With more than 3 million children witnessing domestic violence in their homes every year, special attention and care is needed to protect children during these domestic violence cases.

To thoroughly evaluate the case
Every legal case, including domestic violence cases, differs. In most preliminary trials, the judge does not have time to listen to every aspect of the case and a decision may be made before all of the facts are out. If the case does not make it to trial, which many do not, the defendant never actually gets a chance to plead their case. Approximately 68 million people in this country are living with a criminal record. A large portion of these numbers may be due to the fact that very few get a chance to present their facts.

A caring lawyer that is also qualified has more experience in getting the facts heard. They are aware of which facts should be presented in a limited amount of time. They fight to have the defendant?s arguing facts and story heard which can be an important part in clearing them of all legal charges.

Domestic violence cases are all too common all around the world. In most cases, charges are given without a court date. A person who is dealing with a domestic violence case, either as the accuser or the accused, needs to consult with a domestic violence attorney to ensure that all of their rights are being met.

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