I Work In The Construction Industry When Should I Hire A Litigation Attorney?

When to hire a commercial real estate attorney

A business without a lawyer is like a house without a roof. It’s not enough to give your brand a strong foundation of adept marketing, hearty workers and steady contracts. You need to make sure that, when bad weather hits, you’re ready to shelter everything you stand for against the storm. A lawyer for business owners goes a long way in helping you get out of a sudden dispute in one piece, offering you years of knowledge in your chosen field to keep you from spending too much money or even losing all of your hard work.

The American construction industry has raked in over $1,000 billion as of 2016. Its national and worldwide success means there’s a lot to keep in mind when running your own business and keeping it afloat in stormy waters. A lawyer for business owners can assist you with local laws concerning your workers as well as providing arbitration services should a dispute rise. If you haven’t worked with an attorney before, it’s never been a better time to get started.

Even through the construction industry’s successes there are changes that can see both business and worker lost at sea. Between April of 2006 and January of 2011 the construction industry lost over 40% of its worker base. Construction is notoriously dangerous, for one, and sees claims filed on the regular. A lack of transparency on the part of the business can also lead to dissatisfied workers leaving. A lawyer for business owner can keep you keen on changes in local law so you know what you’re facing over the coming years.

A little preparation and research can save you a world of trouble down the line. Texas law, for example, has its own particular laws when it comes to claims. A breach of contract claim needs to be filed within four years. The exception is only when the contract specifies another length of time, such as two years. Learning the ins and outs of what your particular state has to offer is the first step you should take with a construction lawyer. There is no way to completely avoid faulty claims, however, and you’ll need a litigation attorney on your side when it happens.

Arbitration is a necessary resource when multiple parties are involved in a dispute. Back in 2015 the American Arbitration Association oversaw over 550 construction industry cases at $500,000 or higher. The largest ever mediated construction case, to this day, was at a stunning $96 million. Additional studies have also seen alternative dispute resolution (or ADR) as the preferred method of handling conflict. This is due to the relatively shorter time frame compared to traditional litigation. Eight months is the average length of time from the day of filing to the resolution.

What else should a business owner expect when venturing into the field of employment law and commercial litigation? According to the very first national study of both civil bench and jury trials, breach of contract cases have made up an impressive 35% of all civil cases presented to American courts. A similar review conducted back in 2005 also saw plaintiffs winning bench trials nearly 70% of the time. With the construction industry seeing major changes in both its hiring practices and the technology used, these figures could see more changes yet.

No matter where the industry takes you, a lawyer for business owners will make sure you’re always steered in the right direction.

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