Meeting the Demand for Court Reporters To Come


If you have ever been in a court room, you probably never really noticed the court reporter. You noticed the judge, the defendants and the plaintiff and even the security officers. The court reporter often blends in with all of the chaos of the court room. However, court reporters are an extremely beneficial and important person in the court room. They are responsible for keeping track of and reporting everything that happens in the court room. They must document everything that is said, word for word to ensure that any documents are completely reliable. They can?t miss anything, requiring constant attention on the activities within the court room. Finding a court reporter may be difficult.

More than 70% of the nation?s 50,000+ court reporters work outside of the court. Most of them are contracted, doing work for many different court houses. This makes it more difficult to locate one without doing your research first. A few hours of their work is done in the court room, reporting the activities of the trial. Most of their other work is in their home, editing and proofreading their work. Professional court reporting services may be found online, in local ads or by word of mouth. Often, a National court reporting agency may work with a specific court house often. Sometimes the court can provide you with references on finding a court reporter.

The employment of court reporters is projected to grow 10% from 2012 to 2022. The National Court Reporters Association represents 20,000 stenographers in the United States. With the increase in demand, now is a great time to learn the court reporting skills that are desired. Court reporters must be efficient in their listening skills, ensuring that they do not miss anything that was said. They also must be able to type rather quickly, to keep up with the trials. Sometimes video court reporting may be allowed, allowing you to go back and check your work. This may not always the case as it can violate some confidentiality issues.

Finding a court reporter takes some work and research. You want to be sure that the court reporter that you hire is quick, efficient and reliable. There is a demand for court reporters, and that demand will only continue to grow over the years. It is a great time to train in the skills of court reporting. It is a great position that can be added to your current full time work. You have the ability to work when you want, and you can quickly build your client base. Your goal is to become a preferred court reporter for the court houses in your area. Once the judges learn how great your skills are, then they will always refer you when asked about finding a court reporter. There are many benefits to becoming a National court reporter.

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