San Jose Gun Liability Insurance Law

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San Jose will become the first city in the US to require gun owners to pay for gun liability insurance. This article will explain the ordnance and the potential effects.

Generally, gun reform is left to federal legislation, but the mayor decided it’s been too long since gun reform. The last instance of federal law on guns was in the 90s.

The features of the law mandate liability insurance for gun owners, as well as a $25-$35 fee that will go to institutions that help educate people on gun safety or help victims of gun violence.

The goal is to help victims of gun violence and reduce the cost to the public for things such as police or medical responses to gun violence. The mayor cites the increased risk of homicides and suicides in households in which guns are owned as justification for the added fees.

The new law is based loosely on the requirements that drivers must fulfill by carrying general liability insurance for their automobiles. People can similarly lower their premiums on the gun liability insurance by attending safety classes or having secure storing locations for their weapons in their homes.

The law is expected to be fought over in court by gun owners who feel it unjustly punishes law-abiding citizens for the gun violence perpetrated by a smaller segment of the population. To learn more, click on the link to the video above.

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