Some Simple Advice for Arizona Drivers; Don’t Drive Drunk


According to the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles, driving under the influence arrests soared to more than 27,000 last year in Arizona, and this includes suspicion of driving under the influence arrests, misdemeanor dui, and felony dui offenses. These staggering numbers are contributing to an increased police focus on driving under the influence arrests, and subsequently, Arizona drivers need to be aware of the drinking and driving laws, and safeguard their actions and decisions appropriately. Attorneys like mesa dui lawyer are often very familiar with Arizonas driving under the influence laws.

The first step is knowing the law and the legal limits according to Arizona law. For example, if a persons blood alcohol content hits the .08 percent mark, that person is in violation of Arizonas (and most of the nations) drinking and driving laws. That percentage, mind you, is typically considered the norm after only drinks. And the impact of two drinks, of course, can range depending on a persons gender, weight, or metabolism. Arizona also has something a stipulation implied consent law, which a mesa dui lawyer can help Arizona drivers fully understand.

Attorneys throughout the state such as mesa dui lawyer, phoenix dui attorney, scottsdale dui attorney, scottsdale dui lawyer, and tempe dui lawyer can inform drivers of the legalities and or repercussions of their choices. Penalties can range from fines to mandatory community restitution or jail time, and mesa dui lawyer can help you navigate the process.

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