Taking A Look at The Common Car Accident Personal Injury Case In The United States

From the motorcycle accident case to the car accident cases, personal injury cases are incredibly common here and all throughout the United States, as just about any personal injury lawyer will be able to attest to. The standard personal injury case comes in all shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are fortunately able to be resolved outside of the courtroom. In fact, only about four percent to five percent of all personal injury cases actually end up being seen in front of a judge or a jury.

Car accident cases make up, by and large, the majority of all personal injury cases, accounting for up to fifty two percent of them. Motorcycle accident cases are also prevalent. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are so prevalent that there are as many as six million over the course of just one single year. Of those accidents, many involve motorcycles, of which nearly two hundred thousand are registered in the state of Colorado alone.

Of course, the fallout from many of these motor vehicle accidents can be considerable. If you are lucky, you’ll walk away with only some damage done to your car. But about three million people sustain injuries that are related to car accidents in just one year, and more than thirty thousand people will even lose their lives.

In such cases, the motorcycle accident case is common, as is the personal injury car accident case. A motorcycle accident case can be filed either by the motorcycle driver him or herself or by the other party, but it is important to understand the cause of the accident before said motorcycle accident case is brought to trial or officially settled in any way. Because of this, a personal injury lawyer will most likely look at the motorcycle accident case more closely in order to determine the liability in the accident regarding the motorcycle accident case.

Unfortunately, there are many highly preventable causes for car accidents here in the United States. For instance, one cause of such car accidents is drunk driving, followed closely by speeding as well as by distracted driving. These three causes of preventable car accidents and the typical motorcycle accident case are all too prevalent here in the United States.

Drunk driving has become particularly problematic in recent years, with as many as three hundred thousand people getting behind the wheel while drunk over the course of a single given day. Of course, this leads to the huge potential for danger, as only about four thousand of them will actually be pulled over and arrested, leaving the rest on the roads and posing a threat to everyone around them, including themselves and anyone that happens to be with them in their car.

And driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol has proven to be a growing problem as well. In fact, such car accident cases make up more than fifteen percent (sixteen percent, to be more exact) of all car accidents that occur over the course of a single year. Such drugs can include prescription medications as well as legal drugs, as both can cause your brain to function differently than it otherwise would, doing things like delaying your reactions and the like.

Aside from driving under the influence, distracted driving has caused many a motorcycle accident case and is all too likely to cause more in the future. Distracted driving has also led to a number of car accident cases too, of course. This is due to the fact that distracted driving take your attention away from the road, where it should be at all times. In doing thing, the opportunity for catastrophe is, unfortunately, opened up. Distracted driving more than triples your chances of getting into a car accident by a considerable amount, and is not something of which the danger should ever be underestimated.

From the motorcycle accident case to truck accidents that occur throughout the United States, car and other such motor vehicle accidents are all to prevalent in this country, no matter where it is that you may go within it, from coast to coast to in between.

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