Taking A Look At The Problem Of Preventable Car Accidents In The United States

From the auto accident attorney to the medical malpractice lawyer, the personal injury lawsuit and those who specialize in such things are certainly not uncommon occurrences here in the United States. Personal injury cases can arise from a vast number of situations, ranging from drunk driving to dog bites. Having a competent lawyer to support you, such as an auto accident attorney or even a truck accident lawyer (someone even more specialized in the field), can help you to have the outcome for your case that you desire. On top of this, it is likely to keep your case out of the courtroom, settled before it even reaches the trial stage, as the vast, vast majority of all personal injury cases are (with only four or so percent ever seen in front of a judge and a jury).

Car accidents, incredibly common here in the United States, make up the brunt of all of the personal injury cases seen here in the United States at more than fifty percent of them when all is said and done. With nearly five and a half million car accidents occurring each and every year in this country alone, up to three million injuries are sustained – and more than thirty thousand people lose their lives in car accidents on this same yearly basis. There are many causes for car accidents but as any auto accident attorney will be able to tell you, many of these accidents were one hundred percent preventable, leading to the potential for a later personal injury claim as backed up by said auto accident attorney, if liability has been able to be established.

For one, driving while under the intoxication of a substance like alcohol or a legal or illegal drug is one of the main causes of preventable car accidents, leading to more than thirty percent of all car accident fatalities seen here in the United States. As most of us know, driving drunk is incredibly dangerous – but most of us aren’t aware of just how prevalent it is. In fact, as many as three hundred thousand people will get behind the wheel while intoxicated in some way all over the course of just one one single day. Of these people, it is unfortunately estimated that only around four thousand or so will be stopped and apprehended, with the average habitual drunk driver driving drunk for an average total of eighty times before ever being stopped and charged with a DUI.

And drunk driving is certainly not the only cause of preventable car accidents. For instance, about thirty one percent of all car accident fatalities sustained here in the United States can be directly linked to speeding. While most of us speed at some point or another while on the road, this does not make it any less dangerous. Data even backs this up, showing that speeding leads to more car accidents than nearly anything else.

However, distracted driving is unfortunately on the rise, with up to six hundred thousand people driving while they are distracted at just about any given moment in the United States. And distracted driving, which has been found to make up more than fifteen percent of all car accident fatalities (sixteen percent, to be more exact), takes its toll. In the year of 2013, more than three thousand and one hundred people died in car accidents as a direct result of distracted driving with more than four hundred thousand peoples sustaining injuries in such accidents. As any auto accident attorney will be able to tell you, the problem of distracted driving is a serious one, and any auto accident attorney knows all too clearly the threat that it poses to everyone on the road, including the distracted driver themselves.

As any auto accident attorney will be able to tell you, car accidents are all too prevalent here in the United States. Ranging from the minor to the car accidents that lead to the loss of human life, there are many causes of preventable car accidents in this country alone, ranging from drunk driving to speeding.

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