Three Reasons Why People Get Into Car Accidents

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There are plenty of reasons why people get into car accidents, and we can’t stop people from being out on the road when they want to be. Cars have become an integral part of life for many Americans; it’s difficult to expect someone to go without a car when they probably depend on the vehicle to help them get around town on a regular basis. People need cars to get where they need to be, and many of us enjoy driving — in fact, it could be argued that the majority of us are responsible drivers. What you need to worry about is the number of people who, unfortunately, are not. Many different factors figure into why people get into car accidents, and as any auto accident lawyer can tell you, not all car accidents are cut and dry. Sometimes, they can be the result of one person driving recklessly; other times, both drivers were at fault on at least some levels; other times, car accidents are really just pure accidents that couldn’t have been prevented. When they are the result of human error, however, expect auto accident attorneys to be involved. In fact, you may need to call a car accident attorney immediately if you’ve been involved in a wreck of some kind, just to be on the safe side. Below, we’ll look at some of the main reasons why people get into car accidents — and how they can be avoided.

1. Drunk Driving

Obviously, driving while intoxicated is one of the main reasons why people get into car accidents in the United States; and if a person can be proved to have been driving under the influence, they’ll need to get into touch with a car accident lawyer immediately. In fact, some driving while intoxicated cases can even become personal injury cases — in which case a personal injury attorney may be able hold the intoxicated driver responsible for everything from medical bills to vehicular damages. The fact is that driving while under the influence is a serious problem, but it can be easily avoided. For one thing, remember that this issue often happens around holiday weekends; understandably, as people tend to go to parties and drink during the holidays. In fact, there’s a 10% increase in the average number of traffic deaths during Labor Day weekend, and on average 38% of fatalities are caused by drivers with blood alcohol levels above .08. However, the weekend of July 4 is even deadlier, with 41% of the — on average — 400 fatalities caused by drivers with blood alcohol level above .08. It’s no wonder that the summer months have, typically, two times the amount of auto accident fatalities as the other months of the year combined.

2. Distracted Driving

Many people don’t think that distracted driving is that much of a problem — a good auto accident lawyer, however, will tell you otherwise. Distracted driving can cover a number of different issues — from driving while texting to driving while using headphones to listen to music. No matter what is distracting you, it’s a big problem in the United States precisely because a distracted driver is little better than a drunk driver. Auto accident lawyers are constantly having to defend distracted drivers in court because of a mere moment spent looking at their cell phone rather than concentrating on the road. Distracted driving may not be as reckless as drunk driving, but the results can easily be the same: a loss of life or severe injury.

3. Road Rage

Road rage is another form of distraction entirely, and it can be difficult for even the most skilled auto accident lawyers to defend. You just can’t lose your cool on the road. Some drivers become so enraged that they intentionally cause accidents, or at the very least drive completely out of control. If you find yourself getting frustrated on the road, that’s one thing. But remember — you have to catch yourself before you get completely out of control.

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