Three Things to Do to Make Sure You Get the Right Lawyer

Claiming workers compensation

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, it can be hard to think straight. Those are the times you most need legal advice, but making sure you get the right attorney to is key. In the panic and stress of the moment, it can all to easy to jump at the first law firm that you run across. Whether your need is for a local divorce law firm, an auto accident attorney or a bankruptcy lawyer, here are three important things to consider when choosing legal help:

Think in Advance

Sometimes, you need legal help unexpectedly, such as when filing a personal injury claim. But if you are facing something like bankruptcy or divorce, sooner is always better than later when retaining help. A local divorce law firm can help you better when they have more time to consider your case and evaluate all the options. It will be easier to schedule meetings with your local divorce law firm if you plan in advance, too.

Hire a Specialist for Your Situation

Bankruptcy can be very complicated and time-consuming, and since less than 25% of the population have enough money to see them through six months in case of an emergency, it can be easy to want to resolve things as quickly as possible. Don’t let this stop you from finding an accomplished bankruptcy lawyer, though, When you have an attorney, your chance of successfully declaring bankruptcy goes up: 95% of Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims and 55% of Chapter 13 claims are successful with an attorney’s help.

Make Sure You Ask the Right Questions

As you evaluate a local divorce law firm or personal injury attorney, think about the important questions you need to ask. What percentage of cases does the attorney settle? Settling usually better for everyone involved. Personal injury cases, for example, only got to court 2% of the time. The rest are settled out of court. Also, ask about retainers and whether unused retainer fees are refunded. You should also settle in advance how often you’ll get an accounting of costs and your retainer.

A lot of people end up changing their attorney in the middle of an important proceeding, which can be both aggravating and expensive. Checking everything out carefully before you start, taking the time find just the right lawyer, and asking the right questions will minimize the possibility of that happening, and also ensure you have great legal representation.

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