What is a Marriage Visa?

How to immigrate to usa

There are only two ways for an American citizen to bring a foreign born spouse into the country. One is to get an immigrant visa, and the other is to get a nonimmigrant visa. In order to be eligible for the aforementioned visas, an immigrant must be sponsored by an American citizen, relative or prospective employer.

In addition, immigrants can get a green card. What is a green card? A green card is a document that means the person in question has been granted authorization from the American government to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.

If you have a foreign born spouse you want to be eligible to live in the United States, you might benefit from applying for a marriage visa. What is a marriage visa? A marriage visa provides your husband or wife with citizenship, providing you have citizenship yourself. It is essentially a way to further diversify America. What if you need to know how to apply for marriage visas?

First off, either you or your spouse must be an American citizen. You cannot hope to gain citizenship for yourself or your spouse if neither of you are American citizens. You must also obtain the visa in the country in which the marriage took place. Even yet, you are eligible to bring your foreign spouse to the United States to marry, if you so choose, and that spouse can then gain citizenship.

Interestingly, foreigners who invest money in the United States can apply for an EB5 visa, which is a way of obtaining a green card. It is only eligible for foreign investors, however. It must be noted that since 1990, foreigners have invested more than 6.8 billion dollars in the United States, and in return the government has given out over 29,000 EB5 visas. When the US investor visa requirements are met, both parties will be happy.

If you need help figuring out how to apply for us citizenship, you should talk to an immigration lawyer or seek professional immigration advice, depending on how much you want to learn. Gaining citizenship to the United States is not difficult, as in some cases immigration can be very easy. If you have a foreign born spouse, once you learn the answer to the question, what is a marriage visa, you may be delighted to learn the benefits.

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