What is an Expert Witness?

In this YouTube video, you will learn what an expert witness is, how they differentiate from a fact witness, and how they can benefit your case. Depending on the case a medical expert witness is almost necessary in order to prove points and support different arguments.

A fact witness is also usually known as an eyewitness.

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They can give a testimony based on things they saw or heard. The witness usually does not need a piece of knowledge or background in the case because it is all based on what was seen or heard during the situation. But, if the lawyer needs information to back up their case, they would bring in a medical expert witness.

An expert witness is someone who has skill, knowledge, training, education, or experience in a specific area for that case. They will be able to testify in their expert opinion. But this opinion must be able to be backed by sufficient facts and data as well as reliable principles and methods. This Youtube video gives a few examples of how and when a fact witness is used vs an expert witness. If you are ever involved with a trial, this can help you prepare for what you could expect.

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