What legal contracts should you consider when opening a business

Owning a business is a dream for many people and when they decide to make it a reality they can be in such a hurry they don’t consider what types of legal contracts they should have in place. Depending on what type of business you own there are a number of ways you need to protect your investment by speaking with a business attorney.

Accidents happen in all kinds of different ways and places. To ensure you are covered in case an accident happens in your establishment you will want to have a liability contract in place. A liability contract will keep you out of hot water if someone decides to sue you. Let’s say you own a play place for children to run around and play in. If a child were to get injured while they were playing a liability contract will state that the parents have made the informed decision to have their child play without you taking any responsibility for personal injury. Having guests sign a form stating they have read the agreement upon entry is the best way to ensure they know what the rules are. A business attorney will help you write up your contract and make sure it is easy to use and understand.

If you hire employees at your establishment it is always good to have contracts in place for harassment, discrimination, workers benefits, and the rules of being fired or suspended with or without pay. Employees are your responsibility to maintain and inform of the contracts in place and what is expected of them. 74% of states require businesses to have workers’ compensation in place for their employees. Keeping contracts in place will let your employees know the rules ahead of time and if they have any issues with them at the time of interview then they can look for a job elsewhere without all the hassle. For instance, if you own a business where you may require random drug testing you can have each employee sign a contract stating they are OK with it and you can move forward. If a potential employee has problems with the contract in place they clearly are not the right person for the job. A business attorney can help you choose which contracts are right for the job you are hiring for.

Business lawyers have seen and heard a million different cases and can help your business run smoothly without ending up in court. Speak to an employment law attorney if you ever have any questions.

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