Why Longshoreman Should Hire Maritime Attorneys for Workers Comp Claims

Longshore workers compensation

If you are a longshoreman or know other Jones Act Workers, you are tired of management pushing you around. Port management has laid off many of your colleagues, and continues to automate many essential functions, giving you less work. To add insult to injury, longshore workers compensation is often a pittance. To make up for the small longshore workers compensation you are given, you need an attorney specializing in maritime claims.

A maritime and admiralty attorney can advocate for longshore workers compensation in a way that regular workers compensation attorneys cannot. Your jobs are far more valuable to international trade, and virtually everything that comes to the United States by ship passes through you. As such, there are a different set of labor laws that govern you than for other workers, such as Jones Act Workers Compensation, or expatriate compensation. As such, longshore workers compensation is fundamentally different.

A maritime attorney understands that longshore workers compensation has different laws. This means such an attorney can be a good advocate when fighting for longshore workers compensation. Using knowledge of the Longshore Harbor Compensation Act and Jones Act, attorneys who specialize in longshore workers compensation can walk you through how the law applies to you. When that is said and done, he can then advocate before federal and state courts for the proper compensation, and make sure you get the care you need.

Of course, that is not all maritime attorneys can do for labor. Defense base act attorneys cover other aspects of trade law. In general, maritime attorneys are also advocates against the slow decay of longshore jobs. To ensure equanimity, though, the least port management can do is compensate the injured.

Do not let port management add insult to injury. Instead, contact an attorney who specializes in longshore workers compensation. Often, it can lead to a great investment that lets you heal.

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