Why More And More People Want To Get Out Of Their Timeshare Contracts

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It is not uncommon to wonder how to get out of a timeshare contract, and this is a problem that plagues many people around the United States. How to get out of a timeshare contract is a frequently asked question, as timeshare cancellation is not always a simple, straightforward process. In fact, timeshare sales companies do everything that they can to make getting out of a timeshare contract as difficult as possible, and many of the people who are wondering how to get out of a timeshare contract feel that they are stuck with their timeshare, and with the money loss that it is causing.

Timeshares are widespread across the United States and, in fact, three percent of all the people living here have a timeshare, with more than one thousand timeshare resorts currently in operation. The timeshare industry is incredibly prosperous, making over seventy billion dollars a year, and it’s clear to see why when you look at the average price of a timeshare, which is typically more than two thousand dollars. A high percentage – up to 25%, or one fourth – of these timeshares are located in Florida, which is a popular destination for retirees, but people from all over the country buy a timeshare and later wonder how to get out of a timeshare contract and how to go about getting rid of a timeshare.

There are many reasons that people wonder how to get out of a timeshare contract, but there are some that are usually one of the main reasons that people decide to look into legally cancelling their timeshare contract. One of these main reasons is maintenance fees that are simply too high. Though many people are able to easily afford the initial cost of the start up, especially when they consider that they will be sharing that cost with other, the maintenance fees can be hugely financially draining and harmful to the personal funds of the timeshare owner. In fact, nearly 70% of former timeshare owners cited these sky high maintenance fees as one of the reasons they wanted to learn how to get out of a timeshare contract, and nearly half cited it as their major, main reason for wanting to get rid of their timeshare.

Financial hardship is widespread among those who own a timeshare, and many resold timeshares stem from the foreclosure on the property when it belonged to the original owners. In fact, it is estimated that more than half of all resold timeshares were resold after a foreclosure on the original owners.

Timeshares are unfortunately all too popular in the United States, particularly in warmer climates. Many people buy a timeshare and ultimately decide that they no longer want to own it. Getting out of a timeshare contract can be difficult, but it is possible. For those wondering how to sever themselves from their timeshare contract, it is important to speak to a qualified professional, a lawyer with experience in severing these often harmful contracts.

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