Why You Require a Divorce Attorney

Divorce papers

Are you currently contemplating divorce? Are things with your spouse not the same as when you married them? Are you both so unhappy that a divorce is the only option? If you are considering divorce, you may also want to consider divorce advice from a divorce attorney. Divorces often bring up a lot of surprises between the spouses, even in the most predictable of divorce cases. Avoid costly surprises during your divorce proceedings with the services of a professional divorce attorney.

Ownership of possessions

You may assume that the joint possessions will be equally divided among spouses. You may assume that your spouse is on the same terms as you are with who gets what. This is usually not the case. One spouse may feel that they are more deserving of high value items, either because they brought in the majority of the income or because they were wrongly treated during the marriage. Do not assume who gets what in a divorce proceeding. Obtain divorce advice from your divorce attorney for the best way to divvy up possessions equally.

Contested divorces

Some states require both spouses to be in agreeance of the divorce. However in some cases, the divorce is requested by only one of the spouses. If it is not an uncontested divorce proceeding, the judge may require marital counseling or a time frame until the divorce can proceed. Some spouses are left with a surprise when they go into the process thinking it is a mutual decision, to be left with a partner who contests the divorce. This is common when one spouse has found another partner, or when one spouse is caught having an affair.


Divorces that involve children are almost always more tricky. Couples may assume that a completely equal and joint custody is the best option for the family. However, spouses may fight over what equal means. Which spouse gets the children for the bigger holidays? Who gets the children during the regular school week? What about birthdays and special events? These situations often require turmoil and require divorce advice from a custody lawyer. Additionally, some parents may feel that they are subject to full custody of the children.

Each year in the U.S., more than one million people have parents who separate or divorce. Child custody lawyers with specialized experience in custody cases are often needed when children are involved in a divorce case. When both spouses are fighting for full custody, the proceedings can get very messy. Parent?s ethics and parenting practices are often called into account and the entire process tends to get very emotional. It can be extremely helpful to have divorce advice and the expert consultation of someone experienced with child custody cases.

Alimony support

Some spouses are surprised to find that they owe their spouse money following a divorce, especially if they do not have any children. Alimony is a payment that is required in many states, where the supportive spouse is required to continue the quality of life of the other spouse. In some cases, the alimony payments can be so high as to affect the lifestyle of the supporting spouse. Although marriages are more likely to last longer when people marry at an older age, have a higher education, and earn more money, the divorces that involve these characteristics tend to be more complex.

Unique situations

Every divorce case is unique in its own way. The top five reasons for divorce in the U.S. include communication problems, infidelity or betrayal, financial problems, abuse, and loss of interest. Each of these reasons requires different areas of the law to visit. Some may require that specialized divorce forms be filed. The many unique areas of the law and the many reasons for divorces are often the reason a divorce attorney is needed.

Unfortunately, divorces are a common part of our world. Most people have been involved in a divorce in some way, either as a divorcing spouse or as a child of divorce. Reduce the complications of your divorce proceeding by working with a divorce attorney. The divorce advice from an attorney can be a crucial part in your divorce proceeding.

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