Does Your Recent Car Accident Qualify As A Personal Injury Case In Your State?

If you’re injured in an accident, you might be entitled to compensation. When you are not at fault, the other person should pay your medical and repair expenses. Personal injury law 101 can show you that. However, insurance companies and other parties might not be willing to work with you. If you don’t have a lawyer, you’re less likely to be taken seriously and you may end up with less money than you should receive. You will need to figure out how to choose a law firm.

With a commercial personal injury law advisor or a personal injury lawyer to help, you’ll be much more likely to get all of your expenses covered. A personal injury lawyer’s reputation can be cutthroat, meaning they’ll work hard and do what it takes to get your money.

If you don’t know how to choose a law firm, make sure you go for one that specializes in personal injury. A different type of lawyer might not have the experience necessary to provide personal injury solutions that fit your needs. Interview a few lawyers, then choose the one that is best for your situation.

Winter brings seasonal cheer, family gatherings and all the good food you can eat. It also brings some of the highest rates of car crashes.

If you’ve found yourself living in the aftermath of a car crash, you’re probably wondering where to go from here. With medical bills to pay and a car to repair, it’s easy to feel completely lost at sea. This is where your local law firm comes in. An auto accident lawyer works specifically in fields relating to crashes, a resource that can keep your head above water as you get your life back in order piece-by-piece. If you’ve never hired a lawyer before or just want a bigger picture of what you’re up against, the list below will answer your questions before you visit your law firm.

Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle crashes have an entire field dedicated to them for their higher rate of injury. Back in 2013 over 4,000 people were killed in motorcycle crashes — while this is down 6% from 2012, thanks to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s report, this number can still be further reduced with additional care and preventative measures. The same year saw over 88,000 motorcyclists injured. Overall, motorcyclists are 26 times more likely than passenger vehicles to die in a crash.


Drunk Driving

Many factors lead to a deadly car crash. One might be caused by vehicle negligence, leaving the car in a poor spot to react to a sudden swerve. Others may be due to slippery roads that make it hard to brake. Drunk driving is a prevalent contributor to many motorcycle and single-passenger vehicle crashes, as well as one of the most easily prevented. The average drunk driver has driven while under the influence over 80 times before their first arrest. It’s estimated people will drive drunk almost 300,000 times collectively during any given daylight moment. Even a single beer can significantly reduce your reaction time and leave you open for a lapse in judgment.

Distracted Driving

Another easily avoidable yet still common contributor to car crashes is distracted driving. If you’ve ever seen a person attempt to operate a vehicle while texting, talking on the phone or changing the radio dial, you’ve witnessed an incident of distracted driving. Also known as ‘visual-manual subtasks’, these minor acts make a passenger’s risk for a crash up to three times higher. Car accident attorneys are becoming more and more familiar with the legal area involving distracted driving and any suspects of the act can be further explored by interviewing witnesses and applying for video evidence.

Personal Injury Cases

Even a minor injury in a car accident can qualify for a personal injury case. The ‘statute of limitations’ are a series of laws that set active time limits on how much wiggle room you have to file for a personal injury case, with each state having their own unique specifications. Tennessee, for example, has a limit of one year. If you’re worried about court hearings, never fear. The vast majority of personal injury cases (as much as 95% to 96%) are settled pre-trial — a mere 5% will actually see a courtroom and are on the more severe side of things.

Applying For A Car Accident Lawyer

Your law firm can answer your basic questions and put you on the right track toward getting much-needed legal help. There are an estimated eight million motorcycles on the road at any given point in time — with the rate of drunk driving, distracted driving and vehicle negligence, these numbers are unlikely to dip anytime soon. The average personal injury settlement amounts are around $30,000, according to studies provided by DMV, though your case will vary depending on your injury, the amount of people involved and any additional behavior.

Spend the rest of the winter season relaxing, not fretting. Call your law firm and have them set you up with an appointment today.

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