5 Important Services Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney Should Do for Free

Memphis motorcycle accident

If you are in a motorcycle accident and you are on the quest of recovering damages, you seriously need the services of a motorcycle accident attorney especially if it’s the other party at fault. This lawyer is conversant with the dynamics of motorcycle accidents and has a wide knowledge of the law. Your lawyer will help you seek damages by reaching out to whoever is at fault, whether it’s the insurance company or an individual.

Unlike cars and truck accidents, crashes involving motorcycle are often serious. It’s no wonder you’ll need to get a good and reputable attorney whose representation will not only ensure justice for you but also get you a reasonable compensation. Likewise, without the help of a motorcycle accident attorney, it may prove difficult to support your claim and recover damages if there are any.

Accidents claims and especially those that involve motorcycle vary across different states. While some states recognize Personal Injury Insurance Protection (PIP) for motorcycle crashes, others limit this protection to automobiles with four or more wheels. According to a motorcyclist research done in 2013, it is estimated that motorcyclists were about 26 times likely to die in a crash and 5 times more likely to be injured than vehicle passengers. This statistic indicates risky motorcyclist are prone to accidents and just how important is it to have a legal representation from a motorcycle accident attorney.

In case you suffer injury from a crash, your attorney will guide you through the legal proceedings of filing a case and making your claim known by the negligent party in the crash. The chances of winning the case are high only if you’ll contact an attorney immediately the accident happens. By doing this, you are giving your attorney ample time to collect and gather relevant information and evidence to support your claim for compensation.

When looking to hire an automobile accident lawyer like a motorcycle attorney, there few factors you need to understand. Most importantly are the non-billed services you and they include.

1. Free legal consultations.
2. Until you attorney wins you some money, you shouldn’t pay for your case.
3. Free case investigation
4. Your attorney should assist you to deal with insurance company
5. If you sustain injuries that limit you to earn some income, your personal injury lawyer should strive to get you compensated but they are not supposed to take any percentage out of the lost wage settlements.

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