Four Reasons Why Having a Real Estate Attorney Is a Wise Choice

Real estate contracts

Having a real estate attorney can be a major benefit. Many individuals don?t understand why having this assistance is so imperative. Think about all the things that can occur when buying and selling a home. Many of them involve legal transactions over what is a large investment piece for many people. No matter if it is purchasing, selling, or foreclosure, having someone to review all real estate contracts should be standard practice. Read on to discover the many benefits of having legal assistance when it comes to home matters.

A Real Estate Attorney Can Keep You Aware of Your Rights in the Foreclosure Process

It has been shown that at least one in 96 homes had a foreclosure filed in 2013. By having an attorney who is well-versed in the foreclosure process, homeowners can be kept aware of what steps to expect along the way. Knowing what foreclosure is and how to navigate through it can make it less confusing. An attorney can also assist those purchasing a house that has been foreclosed upon, and show them in the real estate contracts how it might be different than simply buying from owner to owner.

An Attorney Can Assist with the Buying Process and Make It Easier

Purchasing a new home is often a thrilling time for many families. The process is not as cut and dry as some might imagine it to be, though. It usually takes at least 40 days to properly close on a home in the state of California. During this time there are many contracts to sign, as well as negotiations to be made. By working with an attorney, buyers have someone to protect them and look out for their best interests. While going without might be considered a cheaper alternative, a real estate attorney can be an advocate for buyers, and keep them in the loop of changes that are being made with each step of a potential sale. Upon entering into the sale contract, it can take anywhere from four to ten weeks, although the process does vary by state.

A Real Estate Attorney Can Assist with Various Laws and Regulations

An attorney with a background in real estate tax can assist homeowners with a variety of different topics. These could be how to deal with a homeowner?s association that is giving them issues and trying to fine them for things not in the agreement, to disagreements about property boundaries. Attorneys can look up real estate contracts, as well as view parcel maps. This way they are able to see where exactly property begins and ends, as well as what the agreed upon terms for residents. This can assist homeowners in saving money on something a HOA might be trying to fine them for, as well as helping them in determining who legally owns a certain amount of land.

Having an Attorney Can Benefit Homeowners Looking to Sell

Just as those in the buying process can get assistance from having an attorney on hand, homeowners looking to sell also can get valuable help from someone experienced in real estate law. Attorneys can assist sellers by making them aware of current selling laws, such as making sure their home is up to code before putting it on the market, or looking out for their best interest during negotiations. This can give those who are selling peace of mind, as well as enable them to feel more protected and in power as they negotiate the sale of their home. By reviewing real estate contracts, the attorney can be sure everything benefits their client and is properly covered in the sale.

Ultimately many homeowners, sellers, or buyers can gain a lot of assistance and expertise by having a real estate attorney. With their assistance, they are able to decode contracts and understand the why and how of real estate jargon. Furthermore, it can be refreshing to have someone who is on the side of the homeowner, and is looking out for their best interests. By taking the time to consult with an attorney who has legal expertise, homeowners can learn about how to best protect themselves and their home.

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