Four Things to Know About Filing For Divorce

Getting a divorce is never an easy process, but you can make it go faster and be less expensive. Whether the wife filed for divorce or the husband filed for divorce, both need family law attorneys to represent them. A short term marriage divorce is often a lot simpler to go through than one that has a lot of years and assets that have to be gone through during the process of the divorce.

To make the entire process faster and cheaper, you can jointly hire a divorce mediator who will weigh in on what needs to be done in many different areas. The items that you both own will each have to be divided up between you, and this is often what costs so much during a divorce. When the mediator can help with those decisions instead of lawyers, it costs less and is easier to deal with for you both.

When a spouse won’t sign divorce papers California couples will have a more complicated divorce. One spouse will have to bring a suit for the divorce and get granted one by the judge. This generally does happen, but this type of divorce will take longer and may cost more.

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When a couple first gets married, thoughts of divorce seem like a joke made in poor taste. Then decades, years, months, or maybe just days later, that silly idea seems far more attractive. The desire to part ways with a spouse does not equal a divorce, however, so the correct process must be followed, the divorce forms must be filed. If you need to start divorce proceedings, but do not know how, here are some important things to know.

  1. Where you file matters. Every state has different laws regulating the divorce process, and many counties have individual standards as well. The first step must be to find out the laws in your area.
    This can have an extreme effect on those that may be planning to move in the immediate future. Before accepting a new job and relocating, or initiating a search to do so, ensure that where you consider does not have a minimum residency requirement before permitting anyone from filing divorce forms.
  2. There are different types of divorce. If a husband and wife have agreed mutually that their marriage should come to an end, then they would initiate an uncontested divorce. Although that is certainly the easiest option, it is often not possible. A person can file divorce forms alone for a contested divorce, an act that studies now show women are more likely to perform than men.
  3. It is considered wise by many to contract the services of a divorce attorney even in the case of an uncontested divorce so the divorce papers are filed correctly, but when children are involved it is almost always best to hire an attorney. This does not mean that mediation for child custody always becomes venomous. Many parents manage the process with respect and courtesy. However, the well-being of a child is best served by a professional acting to ensure that everything is done correctly and legally.
  4. Notification must be served to a spouse of a divorce proceeding. It is important to check local laws to find the methods of performing this task that are legal, especially in the event of a spouse that fears for their safety once notice has been served.

Divorce is almost always an event that was not initially planned. The least painful way to do it is quickly and with as little fighting as possible. If you find yourself in need of a divorce, simply call an attorney so they can help you end it as quickly and painlessly as possible for all involved.

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