Lemon Car? Heres what NOT to do!

Have you ever spent a pretty penny on an item, only to have it quickly deteriorate on you? If so, you may want to look into how Lemon Law could help you gain compensation. Lemon Laws are laws put in place to protect consumers against defective items and vehicles. Here’s what not to do when dealing with Lemon Law.

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Never sign your rights away when dealing with Lemon Laws. Do not sign your rights away when dealing with a consumer. Never sign your rights away for a minimal compensation or rights warranty extension.

If you are dealing with car repairs, do not leave your repair shop without a repair record or receipt, as you want to be sure you have all of the proper evidence for your case.

Never design a representation record with a charge because owners are allowed to recover the attorney recovers fee from a car company. You pay them upfront for the repair fees. Do not agree to be charged outside of the court.

It is best to be paid in court. Refuse to be paid outside of court because the settlement offer may be less than the settlement that you may receive in court. Do not go through alternative dispute resolution before getting an attorney.

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