What Do You Need to Know About Your Dog Bite Case

This video discusses dog bites and some of the validating factors that make a claim eligible for coverage by a dog bite attorney.

The CDC says that more than 4 million dog bites occur every year, and the majority of them happen to children who are younger than the age of nine. Those dog bites cost insurance companies millions of dollars, and the number of bites continues to increase every single year.

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Attorneys are getting much more business lately because of the huge increase in the number of dog bites.

A couple of requirements must be met before a case is considered for coverage by a dog bite attorney. The first thing that must occur is that a person must be bitten or injured by a dog. Another incident that needs to happen is that the individual must be found not to have been trespassing on the property. Individuals who trespass may not have legal protection or the right to collect compensation for their injuries.

The individual who got bitten by the dog must not have provoked the animal in any way. The individual must be found not guilty of such actions. Furthermore, some sort of injury must have been suffered for a person to qualify for personal injury compensation.

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