What to Ask Estate Planning Lawyers Before Creating a Trust

Planning your estate is important no matter how old you are or what your life circumstances are. If you don’t have an estate plan, your loved ones won’t know what to do with your assets after you’re gone. If you have significant assets, it is even more important to create an estate plan. In this case, your estate plan may include a living trust.

Estate planning lawyers who create living trusts should be able to answer several questions about their work and how they can help you create an actionable estate plan. If you’re looking for a lawyer to create a living trust, make sure to ask them the following questions:

Will you administer the living trust after I’m gone?
How much experience do you have in estate planning?
What is your practice area?
Are you certified in estate planning and living trusts?

With answers to these questions, you should be able to tell whether or not you’re working with an estate planning attorney who has your best interests in mind.

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You may need to talk to several estate planning lawyers before you settle on one who best meets your needs and can make the kind of estate plan you’re looking for.


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