The Importance of Buprenorphine Regulations

The opioid epidemic has truly come to light only recently, with several documentaries and new sources shedding light on the world-wide market of addictive and dangerous chemicals that were fraudulently marketed as safe. Opioid abuse is a scary thing, and millions of Americans are still facing the addictive repercussions of being prescribed with opioids several decades ago. When combating opioid addiction, you can take a few routes. While some search out the best suboxone doctor they can find, others rely heavily on addiction therapy and specialized medications. One of the most popular medications to treat opioid addiction is Buprenorphine.

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In this video, we will learn about the most recent updates regarding the drug and its circulation for help with addiction.

Buprenorphine has a variety of positive effects on the brain when used in a medical setting. The chemical acts as an off-ramp from an opiate like heroin. It reduces the damaging effects of opiate withdrawal without causing the patient to experience a “high”, making the process of quitting more manageable. As of a few years ago, doctors could only get access to prescribe this drug if they took an 8-hour training course and filed for a particular license. With the opioid crisis still in full swing, medical guidelines are looking towards reducing these qualifications and making Buprenorphine more accessible to more doctors.


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