What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

The video starts with Christopher Small saying that he will be explaining why you need an estate planning lawyer.
He says that an estate planning lawyer has a better grasp when it comes to drafting documents compared to online platforms which use downloadable templates. This is because they have had experience in the field with actual clients with different requirements.

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Christopher says that with an estate planning lawyer you will get to express your goals, explore different solutions, and provide the peace of mind that your efforts will actually be effective when the need arises. An estate planning lawyer is able to anticipate blind spots and problems before they arise.

He finishes by remarking that hiring an estate planning lawyer is not about having the best documents, but about being able to have personal and intimate conversations that ensure all your specific needs are met in the event of your death.
An estate planning lawyer will also give your family the peace of mind they need during the grieving process.

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